Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Superdog, Sitting Cat, and Sad Monkey

This week's Sunday Night Games had a record attendance of 10 adults, 2 babies, and 3 dogs. A love connection was made between Derek's dog Ravage (8 pounds) and Jill's dog Tinkerbell (4 pounds), with our dog Tela (50 pounds) acting as chaperone. The grown-ups carved pumpkins (which took Rob a ridiculously long time); played Beytral at House on the Hill, Bang!, and Apples to Apples; watched the Colts achieve a last-minute victory; and feasted on slow-cooker turkey and stuffing, green bean casserole, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin cheesecake. Quite a successful evening, and we hope to keep growing in new attendeees each week..... so it's a good thing that this coming week will be the last one in this house, and then we'll be moved to a much bigger venue (aka our gorgeous new home in Brownsburg)!

As a part of the festivities, we felt the need to dress all the "children" up in their Halloween costumes to snap a few pictures of their cuteness. You have no idea how hard it is to get two babies and a dog to all look at the camera at the same time.... this is the best we could do. Here's Ravage (aka Superdog), Hannah (aka Sitting Cat--sitting up on her own is her new trick), and Bryn (aka Sad Monkey, due to her intense hatred of her costume). (And yes, Elaina, that is your pilfered toy in the background.... you'd better watch out, because after playing with it, Hannah wants one too!) The picture above shows the three "kids" with their "parents," Derek, Andrea, and me. For Halloween itself, Ben and I have big plans of doing a quality check walk-through of our new house with the field construction manager and then taking Bryn trick-or-treating in Brownsburg, an excellent excuse to 1) meet all our new neighbors and 2) score some candy that of course we will eat for her. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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themadlibs said...

a) I LOVE the costume even more...
b) how much do I wish I was back in Indiana hearing about all this fun to be had AFTER I leave... what is up with this! :)
c) cool? maybe... awkward? yes, I am... haha... oh the stories from today alone... :) you might have an e-mail, let's put it that way! :)