Monday, October 09, 2006

Standing on Her Own Two Feet

Last week, Bryn's favorite trick was to crawl into the kitchen and start playing with Tela's food and water bowls. I was definitely not a fan of this game, since for starters--ew. And secondly, I did not appreciate her repeated attempts to drown the kitchen floor by flipping over the dog's water bowl. There was one day when she actually flipped over the water bowl three times in an hour and I was literally using every towel in the house to sop up the mess. (This was the point when I realized that it had not been wise to pack the vast majority of our towels away into storage in preparation for moving.) As if that was not enough, she then crawled her way back to the mess and laid on her stomach on the living room carpet with her little head and arms extended into the kitchen, splashing away happily in the lake formerly known as my kitchen. After much experiementation, I decided that the problem was that she really liked the dog's bowls because they were bright shiny silver metal. I bought myself some time by giving her pots and pans to play with and began the week-long search for a raised food and water bowl that were not made of metal. My strategy was that if they were off the ground, she wouldn't be able to reach them, and if they weren't metal, she wouldn't want to. Well, 1 week and $30 later, I achieved my goal, only to discover that Bryn's Trick of the Week is now to use the feeding station as a base from which to stand up. Foiled again.

Even though Bryn has spent the last month resisting us putting her into a standing position, she seems to feel quite differently about it when she achieves this position on her own. She uses any piece of furniture within her reach to push up and then stands there examining its surface. She has actually been known to attempt to push up (unsuccessfully) on Tela, and this morning I found her standing in her crib when I went in to get her up. I fear that walking will be her next trick, followed by running, and biking, and driving..... this whole "development" thing seems to have swung into hyperdrive as she approaches the 1 year mark. Hopefully we'll be able to keep her under control here until we get into the new house!!

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