Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Friends and Fun

Here's a shot of Bryn that I have entitled "Leaving the Scene of the Crime." She has recently decided that it's really fun to come and "play" in the bathroom while I'm drying my hair in the morning, thus confirming my belief that "You cannot hide from Mobile Baby!" She has discovered the joys of unrolling the toilet paper, but interestingly enough, her favorite seems to be mine as well--the basket which contains all my crossword puzzle books. I knew my baby was a geniuns. :) I'm just thankful she hasn't decided to play in the trash can yet!

This one showcases Bryn's newest love, the mini piano/play station which she borrowed from her friend Elaina. (Thanks Caroline!) It's great because she can actually stand up to play with it, which definitely makes the dogs bowls seem like less fun, since they don't make noise. :) No matter which room of the house I put it in, she crawls around the house until she finds it! We're dreading the day we'll have to give it back..... good thing her birthday is coming up soon!

This last shot is of our friend Andrea and her daughter Hannah during our Sunday night games group. This weekend was Andrea's birthday, so we made her some yummy cupcakes that spelled out "Happy Birthday Andrea!" as well as a canoli cake (had to go with the Italian theme for the night's food). Sunday night games were a success this week as well, and we're really enjoying getting into a regular schedule of this time with friends.

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