Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Day 25

(WARNING: I will probably be posting several entries today because I am way behind!)
Our new house is coming along beautifully. Ben actually took these pictures last Wednesday (day 25), and it is now Tuesday of the next week, so we'll have to get out there soon and take some more! Here's the front of the house. We have brick across the bottom and "Cape Cod Grey" siding on the rest.

And here's the kitchen now that they're installing the cabinets. We got white cabinets with silver hardware. I realize that our kitchen kind of looks like a snowstorm right now since everything is white, but we're eventually hoping to do the kitchen in white and blue with little blue flowers, kind of a "country kitchen" feel. We really like the white cabinets, since the cabinets in our current 30-year-0ld home are dark wood and make the kitchen feel really closed in and dark.

And, of course, the ever-popular "shot from the kitchen looking out at the first floor." In addition to having cabinets, we now also have bannisters on the stairs.... which will make going up and down with Bryn in my arms much easier! We're really interested to see how the Muffin handles stairs, since she's never really been around them before. Andrea said that Bryn seemed very intrigued by their stairs when she was babysitting her the other day but that Bryn seemed pretty unsure about what to do with them. Hopefully we can keep it that way for a while! :)

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themadlibs said...

ok, it's official... i need to be in indiana... i miss you guys... :(

when's the date of movage?

oh amy... stories in my life are so random right now...