Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Day 22

Here's what our new house looked like on our most recent visit, which was day 21 of a 38-day process. So we're more than halfway there! Here is the ever-popular shot of the downstairs from the kitchen. The ceilings are all done, the drywall mess is cleaned up, the bricks are almost done on the front, and the garage is full of boxes that contain all our plumbing! We should be moving in the middle of November.

We actually did our own personal "Greater Brownsburg House Tour" on Saturday. First we went over to see the construction on our friend Derek's house--looks like we're pretty much deadlocked in a race to see whose will be done first! Then we went over to see the 2-year-old house of our friends Al(icia) and Suellen. We all celebrated the joys of home ownership by going out to dinner at a very odd Chinese restaurant that also featured a buffet including mac and cheese, mozzerella sticks, and hardboiled eggs. Hmm.... Anyway, here's a cute shot to demonstrate how much Bryn likes her new house.

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iloveuthismuch11 said...

yah for a mommy and daughter picture!!