Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Butler Homecoming

This past Saturday, Brynie and I went to my 5-year reunion at Butler (Ben was in Grand Rapids for his grandparents 60th anniversary--wow!). We met up with my friend Jill and had a really great time seeing all our old favorite places and running into old friends.... and, of course, showing off the baby! Here's one of my favorite shots--me and Bryn with the bulldog statue in front of Atherton student union. Jill couldn't even get Bryn to look at the camera because she was so fascinated with the bulldog!

Here's Jill's favorite spot on campus, and probably mine as well--the carillon by Holcomb Gardens. Ben and I had tons of wedding pictures taken here (we also had one taken with the bulldog like the one of Bryn above), and this was a favorite spot for walks during the college years. Sisters of TBS, you know the other significance. :)

Last but not least, we just had to get a picture of Bryn with the humongous blow-up bulldog. They only break this out for special occassions, like Homecoming and the day that all the freshmen move in. It just cracked me up to see how tiny Bryn looked compared to this huge thing! All in all, we had a really fantastic day. It was great to get back to Butler, even though it made me really nostalgic and wishing that I was back in college again. :) I was able to reconnect with several friends that I had lost track of over the years, as well as check out the babies of many other friends. Bryn is the cutest of all of them, of course! :) Oh, and funny side note--one of my absolute favorite former students was one of the candidates for BU Homecoming queen. Does that make me old?? At any rate, I definitely think that we will be attending Homecoming every year from now on.

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iloveuthismuch11 said...

amy... you are so beautiful! there you are just hanging out with bryn and the bulldog and you just look so pretty! miss you tons!!