Friday, October 06, 2006

Adventurous Babies

Bryn has actually gotten in some visits with other babies this week, partially so that Mama gets some socialization too, and partially because we're worried that strangers keep saying to us, "Your baby is so serious!" On Tuesday Brynie and I went for a walk with Caroline and Elaina, featuring the girls in their matching pink Jeep strollers. The weather was gorgeous--82 degrees in October--and I was actually sweating by the time we were done. Caroline was wowed by the "upgrades" on Bryn's stroller, such as the hooks for hanging a diaper bag and the mesh bag on the back, whereas I was impressed that Elaina's sun umbrella was still intact, as ours met an untimely end very shortly after we purchased the stroller. Bryn was very alert and active and kept reaching over to poke Elaina, but I was largely jealous of the fact that Elaina sleeps most of night AND eight hours during the day. I'm lucky if Bryn takes an hour nap!!

Then last night, Rob and Andrea came over with their baby Hannah. Bryn and Hannah look like they're off to go adventuring with their dads in this picture. The evening worked out very nicely, with Andrea and I having some girl time with the babies before the boys arrived from their jobs, then Chinese food and the Buffy musical for all, followed by all 4 girls retiring for nursing and sleep while the boys stayed up way too late playing Hordes. Andrea and I still are hoping that little girls who look just like their dads can still grow up to be beautiful women, as both of our daughters bear uncanny resemblances to their fathers!

Other baby socialization highlights of the week include Bryn's first and second trips to the nursery at church. We've visited a church in Brownsburg for the last 2 weeks instead of attending our usual ZPC. While the drive from Brownsburg to Zionsville wouldn't be unreasonable to make for church every week, we're hoping to meet some people in our new area. Ben almost fell over this past Sunday when I suggested putting Bryn in the nursery at church, as I have been pretty resistant to this idea in the past, but I'm SO tired of hearing strangers tell me how serious Bryn is all the time. (Side note - when she was going to work with me last year and was surrounded by teenagers, she was smiley and outgoing all the time. Clearly staying at home with Mama all day long has stunted her social development and she needs to get out there and meet other babies!!) Our first attempt at the nursery was only mildy successful, as Bryn spent the entire hour cuddled up on the teacher's lap and ignoring the other babies. On Wednesday, I went to a Mom to Mom group at the Brownsburg church and put Bryn in the nursery again. When I went to pick her up, she was playing happily on the floor with a little boy about her age, so I guess that's a sign that we're improving. We'll see what this week holds!

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