Monday, September 11, 2006

Visit to Peoria

Brynie and I have spent the last few days engaged in a whirlwind visit to Peoria. The photo is a pretty accurate representation of how she spent most of her trip.... unless you count the middle of the night, when she was wide awake and wanting to party with Grandma Diane. She really hasn't improved at all in the area of nighttime slumber, and Ben has developed so far in the area of cuddling her to sleep that last night he fell asleep while she was still kicking him and crying. Needless to say (Mrs. Applen), we are pretty worn out. At any rate, the trip to Peoria was good, albeit short. We got to spend some time with Grandpa Dave, Grandma Diane, and Aunt Lindsay, all of whom were very impressed by Bryn's newly acquired teeth and her impressive army-crawl skils. We got to to have dinner with Grammy Tina, during which Brynie passed out on the living room floor and slept soundly through much of the visiting. We even fit in a short visit to Melissa's parents, Mom and Dad Raguet, and got caught up on all their exciting family news. On the way home, we stopped in Bloomington (IL) for lunch with Aunt Kristin and her boyfriend Jared. Brynie and I got the tour of the entire Phi Sigma Sigma house, and Brynie left thinking "I want to be a sorority girl!" (scary thought for Mama). Bryn continues in her huge crush on Jared and cried hysterically when she spilled his soda at lunch. We returned to Zionsville just in time for Ben to get off work on Friday, and we spent most of the weekend just hanging around the house. We did put in an appearance with our friend Libby at the annual Fall Festival on Saturday, where we watched the Royalaires and Choraliares perform (and laughed at Bryn dancing to their music in her stroller), got lots of comments on Tela's newly whitened face, and ate our own body weight in fair food, which took us pretty much the rest of the weekend to recover from. :)

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