Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Night at the Movies

Inspired by the cabin fever of being sick for two weeks, we decided to live on the edge and go to the movies last night. This would be the first movie that I have seen in a theater for at least 10 months, meaning since the birth of Bryn. Ben has seen a few others with friends, but for me, this was a really big event. Since Bryn absolutely LOVES television, we decided that she would probably love a movie in the theater even more, so we took her along. Since we're so far behind on movies anyway, we decided to see "The DaVinci Code" at the cheap theater in Avon, which is close to where our new house will be. Side note - remember when the "cheap theater" was the "dollar theater" and the Dunlap Clan used to attend movies at Westlake in Peoria for $1.00 and then, later, atrociously $1.25? Last night's "cheap show" cost us $5.00--stupid inflation.

Anyway, I admit that I had some qualms about taking Bryn to this movie. Not because of the content, but because of the milestone-ness of it all. My first movie in a theater was "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves," where I remember burying my face in my dad's chest because I was so afraid of the Wicked Queen. Somehow, saying that Bryn's first movie was a controversial novel-based film starring Tom Hanks just doesn't have quite the same ring. But, well, I really wanted to see it and I was really anxious to get out of the house, so off we went.

Obviously it had been quite a while since I had seen a movie, because even though I've read the book like 3 times, I was shocked at how graphic some of it was. There were several moments when I covered Bryn's eyes with one hand while covering my own with the other. She did not seem to register too much of it, though, because she was too intent on wondering where her next bottle was coming from. Since we had neglected to back a binky (bad parents! bad, bad parents!), Bryn downed three bottles and had her diaper changed twice before eventually falling asleep on my shoulder. All in all, I really enjoyed the movie (although the book was better; the book is ALWAYS better than the movie), not to mention the novel experience of getting out of the house, but I'm thinking the overall experience would have been better sans-baby. What must that be like???

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themadlibs said...

i'm pretty sure i need a copy of that... Bryn's face made me laugh -and boy do i need a laugh right now... i hate money, like, despise money... like why am I going to fuller, i hate money-money feeling...

but that, that makes me laugh

how about this for inflation - back in erie, the dollar theatre meant $1.00, as it did for you... except for on Tuesday nights, when they lowered it $0.50... yes, you read that correctly. YUP! I was so enraged Dec. '05 to discover it'd been raised to $1.50 regularly, and $0.75 on Tuesdays... how DARE they!?