Monday, September 25, 2006

...And Outside

And here's the outside of the house. On back, the door opens into the kitchen/ breakfast nook and will lead out onto a wood deck. The 3 windows on bottom are the living room, and the 1 window on bottom is the study. The 3 windows on top are our room, and the big area on top with no windows is all closets and bathrooms. I guess you can't see the left side of the house too well, but the downstairs windows there are kitchen and the upstairs windows are 2 of the other bedrooms.

And here's the front. The nice big porch has windows to the great room, and you can also kind of see the hole that will be our front door (our actual front door is currently propped up in the garage, ready to be installed, if you can see that blur in the left garage corner). The windows above the porch are the upstairs game room, and oddly enough, the single upstairs window is in the closet of the smallest bedroom, which we plan to use as the nursery (the room, not the closet). The windows above the garage are the bedroom that we plan to use as a guest room. So hopefully that all gives you a little perspective on what it will look like!

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