Friday, September 15, 2006

All Quiet on the Western Front

This week really seems to have gotten away from me. It's been relatively peaceful around here. Bryn continues to wake up in the middle of the night and demand some personalized Daddy attention. The weather has been mostly rainy and cool, so we've been kind of laying low. Here's the synopsis:

Monday - I took every available second to polish off my latest book, The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Ilse Witch by one of my favorite authors, Terry Brooks. I've actually owned the book for about 6 years now without ever reading it. I really have no excuse for that, except that I was always really busy reading books for school and grading an endless amount of papers and had very little time for pleasure reading while teaching. At any rate, the book was fantastic, and I am eagerly looking foward to reading the other two in this trilogy (which I have also owned for several years without reading).

Tuesday - Bryn and I took an outing to Brownsburg to tour some daycares. We looked at two, both of which were scary, and decided that I will be looking into options for night jobs in order to avoid the horrors of daycare. We also met up with Ben and Derek for dinner, which was really fun. Bryn was largely amused by the huge fishtank near our table, and we had a good time getting caught up.

Wednesday - The main feature was a long lunch with Libby at the ever-popular El Rodeo, where we said sad goodbyes over a large bowl of queso. After two years of Zionsville lunch dates, Bible study, and trading favors of chaperoning at church and school, Libby is off to Fuller Seminary in sunny California. Very sad for me and Brynie, but very exciting for her.

Thursday - Bryn and I spent the majority of the afternoon hanging out with Andrea and baby Hannah. Andrea and I shared reminiscences about college, weddings, and pregnancy while Hannah napped on and off and Bryn crawled around the living room, making good use of all of Hannah's toys. Meanwhile, Ben got together with some people from work to play his favorite game of Battlestations.

Friday - Busy day of doctor's appointments, dropping Tela off at the kennel for the weekend, cleaning the house for a showing, and, of course, blogging. Tonight Ben and I (and Bryn) will be running the concession stand at the ZCHS football game, so we will be feasting on hot dogs and nachos. It's Homecoming, so I'm looking forward to seeing some former students, as well as the floats and festivities.

We depart bright and early tomorrow morning for Ohio to attend our friend Krysten's wedding. I'm really looking forward to getting to spend some time with some college friends and, of course, showing off our cute baby. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Melissa said...

Hmm. Maybe your nice new neighbors could recommend some daycare options? Or maybe they could actually watch Bryn for you? If you are still pursuing the goal of having 12 children, a few years from now the older ones can watch the younger ones and daycare will become a moot point.

Have fun in Ohio at the wedding. Is this one of the Krystens that was part of our European adventure? I still remember what a fabulous time we had in Firenze with Happy Krysten, and I remember taking the other Kristen (Kristin?) to the Louvre when she visited France.

themadlibs said...

i'm here... i'm really here... staring at the San Gabriel Mountains, having just driven cross country, which included, yes, a trip to Las Vegas...

Much to update you on... can't wait to hear how the wedding went!