Friday, September 29, 2006

The Addiction Starts Early

One day while Ben was watching the baby, he became somewhat desperate for a new way to amuse her. His solution: put her in the closet and let her have at it. He thought it was hilarious and titled the photo "The Addiction Starts Early." (In my own defense, I believe I am FAR from having a shoe addiction, as I have not purchased a single pair since last November, and even then I only got them because my feet had swollen so much from pregnancy that my old dress shoes didn't fit.)

I, on the other hand, am far more alarmed at the addiction that is shown here: Bryn curled up on our bed, watching TV while I shower. Now that she is fully mobile, I am at an absolute loss of what to do with her while I shower. I used to sit her on the floor, surrounded by toys, and let her play. That technique expired a few days ago when I emerged from the shower to find the play area abandoned and the house utterly silent. I ran from room to room in my towel, only able to think, "The worst has happened--someone has snuck into my house and abducted my baby during the 10 minutes I take to myself each day." In actuality, I found her happily settled in the living room, crawling around the floor on a mission of her own. Since then, the shower -safety technique has been to pen her in on the bed with a variety of pillows and other roadblocks and turn on the TV. Given her reaction so far, I'm wondering if the impediments are even necessary--she curls up on the end of the bed and stares at the television in fascination, barely moving until I turn off the TV. Now this, I think, is the start of a far more dangerous addiction.

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