Friday, August 18, 2006

Welcome Back, Tela

Last night, we received an addition to our household. Actually, a re-addition. Our dog Tela has come back to live with us. She has spent the last two months with Ben's co-worker Ji, as part of our "let's sell our house" efforts. However, Ji will be moving in a couple of weeks, and she needed to get rid of the dog to get packed up. (Wouldn't that be nice--to just decide to move and then be able to do it without all this waiting?!?!) We figure that since we have had all of 7 showings in 2 1/2 months (2 of which were actually at the open house we forced our realtor to set up, and 1 of which was unscheduled), we can probably handle getting Tela out of the house three times a month for showings. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves, since we have nothing else that we can do with her. That being said, we will be in a world of hurt if our house actually sells and we have to move to the apartment, since Tela can't go there, but we figure we've got at least a couple of weeks to feel out our options before farming Tela out to someone else.

At any rate, the point is that Bryn adores Tela. We're not sure if she remembers her from before or not, but even if she does, she was really too little to "play" when Tela moved out. Now, Tela is seriously challenging my status as Bryn's BFF. Bryn delights in grabbing Tela's ears and tail, and for what it's worth, Tela doesn't seem to mind at all, as long as she can retaliate by giving Bryn a good head-to-toe spit bath every five minutes or so. All day today, whenever I have separated "the girls," Tela has whined and Bryn has cried. I am extremely paranoid about Tela licking Bryn's face, but both of them seem to think that it's a really fun game. Hmm. Crissy, aren't dogs' mouths supposed to be cleaner than humans'? Of course, I don't lick Bryn. Nevermind; I think I'm better off not knowing!!

In addition to all the fun of having Tela back (by "fun" I mean really good cuddles at night and lots of affection, balanced by shedding all over the house and waking us up to go out at 4:00 in the morning), we have been especially pleased to see that she has continued turning white, even in our absence. Believe it or not, 10 months ago, this dog was completely black, not a single white hair on her. Shortly after Bryn was born, though, her face started turning white. We assumed that this was because the baby was stressing her out, thus turning her prematurely old. However, there was absolutely nothing stressful about living with Ji--well, nothing stressful for Tela, anyway. It was, however, stressful for Ji, if you classify as "stressful": sleeping on the couch for 2 1/2 months so the dog could sleep with her and not whine, having to take Benadryl daily because of a dog allergy she didn't realize she had, and having to barricade her kitchen every morning before work to keep Tela away from the fresh fruits and vegetables. In our defense, we knew nothing about any of these difficulties until Ji brought Tela back last night, because she always told Ben that everything was "fine," and even now, she says she would gladly do it all again (I think she must be suffering from sleep deprivation). Anyway, Tela is far more white now than when she departed from our house last May. Her face is almost completely white, and she has big white spots on her legs and back. I think the cutest part of all is that each of her ears has a white tip. She has made herself right at home with us again, taking up residence on the couch in front of the window to harrass the children walking home from the bus stop, and even treating herself to half a container of plum-banana-grape baby food while I was putting Bryn down for a nap. Speaking of, it's time for another meal for the Muffin, so I'm off to do that. On the up side, Tela makes an excellent vacuum cleaner for all of those little bits of food that Bryn drops!

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themadlibs said...

oh amy... oh tela...

poor ben is titally outnumbered in the gender ratio here... or would it be there?

what a CRAZY 2 days, ps...