Monday, August 21, 2006

Two Sickies

I thought it was a little odd when, on Thursday morning, Bryn cried for about an hour and then fell into a deep sleep around 10:30. She has NEVER taken a nap before lunch before, but on this day, she was out for an hour and a half, which is a huge nap for her under any circumstances. I assumed that she was just cranky because of the TWO teeth that have broken through on her bottom gum in the last week, but on Friday morning, she woke up with gross crusties all over her right eye. Ever since then, her right eye has been discharging some gross stuff, and this morning, her left eye started as well. To top this all off, I woke up on Saturday with what I thought was a ridiculously sore throat, and what I have learned since then was a mild case compared to how I'm feeling now. So this morning Bryn and I went to the doctor, and for all of those of you who have been following our medical sagas, you will be pleased to know that we have switched to another doctor in Zionsville, who I absolutely loved today. She was great with Bryn and very friendly and helpful with me. Ahh, satisfactory medical attention, what a relief! Anyway, she prescribed some eyedrops for Bryn, which I have not actually given her yet, since I'm waiting for Ben because I pretty strongly suspect that one of us will need to hold her down while the other inserts the drops (I have slated him for the "hold her down" role). She said, much as I suspected, that since I am still nursing Bryn, there is nothing she can do for me medication-wise. She did suggest lots of water and popsicles, which I was doing as my own personal home remedy (and sugar fix) anyway. My big fear was that my sore throat some some variety of contagious and that Bryn would get it. Turns out that my fears were completely backwards. She checked Bryn's throat and said that it was really red and swollen and that Bryn probably had the sore throat first and I caught it from her. That made me feel like a pretty terrible mother, not even realizing that my daughter was in pain with a really sore throat, although I guess it's pretty understandable, since she can't talk and we've been treating her for teething pain all week anyway. So far from me infecting Bryn, apparently she gave me this delightful sore throat, and the doctor said that I am extremely likely to come down with eye gook in the next few days as well. Ewww. So Bryn and I spent the majority of the afternoon chilling with our wonderful friend Libby, who kept Bryn amused while I caught a short nap and then went to Dairy Queen to get me some un-medicated pain relief for my throat. So the Muffin and I are pretty much lying low this week until at least one of us feels better!

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Caroline-in-the-city said...

Make that "Three Sickies"! We decided that Bryn is a champ at sharing, as Elaina caught her first cold on Saturday morning :) And thus begins the baby germ fest :) I was back in the ER on Sunday, so we've been laying really low round here... can't wait to hear about your job! Give Brynnie a snotty little kiss from Elaina! - C