Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So Many Thoughts, So Many Distractions

So many things to comment upon, and so very few of them related to each other..... First of all, as the picture shows, I have recently discovered an excellent use for the pounds of junk mail that we receive. Bryn was sitting next to me while I sorted the mail yesterday, and she took great delight in shredding it. To think, some people actually pay for shredding machines! (although I guess Bryn is far more expensive than those machines....) In fact, she enjoyed tearing up the papers so much that she tried to take a nose dive off the couch to reclaim them when I took them away from her. So like any tired mother, I gave in, and set her up on the floor, surrounded by ads, while I ran for my camera. The down side to this little exericse was that when I completed my photographic project, I discovered that she had a large wad of the Victoria's Secret swimsuit ad wedged in her mouth. Oops.

Next topic.... today was Brynie's 9 month check-up. Her regular doctor, who we adored, has moved to Georgia to be with his family, so we were checked out today by another doctor in the practice, who I found to be FAR inferior to our beloved Dr. Eller. Even our nurse was different than Ann, who we've always had before and love. For starters, our nurse told me that Bryn only weighed 14 pounds, which was about 6 pounds different from what the scale showed. Next, she couldn't read the chart to figure out what percentile Bryn was in. When the doctor came in, he did manage to read the chart for us, but then he told us that Bryn was fully healthy for a 3 month old. At this point, I couldn't decide between, "Gosh, time really seems to have been dragging for these last 3 months!" and "Wow, my baby is huge!" As so to point out how ridiculous his statement was, I am posting her a picture of Bryn with her friend Elaina, who is 7 weeks old. Do they look similar in size??? Anyway, when the doctor finally got it figured out, he compensated for his stupidity by giving Bryn a tongue depressor to play with, which seemd to make her feel better for being mistaken for a child 1/3 her age, but did not really alleviate my concerns. In the end, I learned that she is 20 pounds, which puts her in the 50th percentile for her age, which is WAY far down from the 95th that she used to be. She is 28 inches long (75th percentile) and her head is 46 centimeters around (80th percentile).

Nextly, as a shout-out to the Dunlap Clan in reference to the gala that was Chuck's 16th birthday surprise, I have to tell you a horrifying story. Lately, Bryn's "separation anxiety" has really seemed to kick in when I have left her to go clean myself. Two days ago, I handled this problem by setting up her little chair in the bathroom, lifting up the novelty curtain on the shower so that just the clear curtain remained, and doing what amounted to a song and dance number to keep her amused while I was in the shower. Since I had no desire to do a repeat performance, yesterday I gave in to the gods of technology and set her up in front of PBS while I showered. When I got in the shower, she was halfheartedly watching a cartoon about a little boy named Caillou and focusing more on her plastic set of keys. By the time I got out, though, she was starting at the TV like she was a slack-jawed yokel. Most horrifyingly, I was greeted by a distinct song from the TV: "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family..." Yes, that's right, my daughter has fallen under the spell of the evil purple dinosaur. I immediately rushed in and turned it off, and she rewarded me by sobbing hysterically for the next half hour. I think the damage has been done. But I stand firm: no matter how desperate things become, I will never stoop to placating her by showing her our homemade version of "The Search for Barney." (And as for you, "Uncle" Derek, let it be said that ANY and ALL of the Hickory Grove Productions are strictly off-limits for Bryn and all future children!)

And on to the news you've actually all been waiting for..... the results of yesterday's job interviews. Both went REALLY well. The part-time job is basically mine if I want it (which I only do if the other one doesn't work out), and I have made it to Final Jeopardy for the dream job. I have mega-interviews on both Monday and Wednesday nights, so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for that. I'm still withholding details for fear of jinxing myself, but I hope to be able to fill you all in next week!

And a final note..... I have been working on typing this for several hours now and keep needing to stop to go do other things, so it's probably a good thing that my thoughts were so disjointed anyway. One distraction took place when the Muffin scooted herself almost completely under our couch and needed to be rescued. On the up side, I did find an old dog toy under there. At another time, I thought I was Super-Mom because I had finally induced Brynie to eat some slices of cooked carrot, which would have been a major breakthrough, since she currently refuses to eat anything that does not come in a small, expensive, plastic container. I was rejoicing in my genius of cutting up the slices and letting her eat them herself as opposed to the much-hated chunks-on-a-spoon method, but was sorely disappointed when I discovered that she had subtly strewn the slices all over the floor under her high chair. Aren't kids supposed to be a lot older before they start hiding the food they don't want to eat??? And lastly, my sister Kristin and her boyfriend Jared have now arrived for a 2-day visit, and Bryn is busy flirting with Jared and glaring at Kristin in jealousy, so I'd better go break that up. Thereby ending my extremely long post!


Melissa said...

Congratulations on some possible good news on the job front! I can't wait to hear about what your "dream job" is. Hopefully I can get one of those one day.

Bryn's new doctor and nurse sound like they got their degrees at the same medical school as Dr. Nick (of the Simpsons). 3 months old?! Come on people, get with the program.

Keep bloggin'--

themadlibs said...


C'est moi! How the HECK are you???

i'll write more later...