Monday, August 07, 2006

Nurse Jill

Just a quick post here to congratulate Ben's sister Jill for her graduation this Saturday. Ben, Bryn, and I trucked it up to Grand Rapids on Friday night to spend the night with Grandma in preparation for Jill's nursing pinning ceremony on Saturday. (By the by, 6 hours is a LONG way to go with a fussy baby!! :) ) The ceremony was really nice, and we got to see the whole family there and at a party afterwards. So Jill is now officially a nurse and "all grown up," which Ben says makes him feel very old! As usual, the visit was too short--we really need to discover an extra day or so in each week! :) But it was really good to get to see everyone and show off Bryn, and we are incredibly proud of Jill for all her accomplishments. Way to go!!

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