Friday, August 11, 2006

It's All A Blur

All summer long, I have been anticipating this week, and not necessarily in a good way. It has been incredibly busy, but I'm starting to believe I'll actually make it through successfully. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time at school, finishing up my grand finale of my days at ZCHS (or so I would like to believe).

Monday night was my fifth-round interview with with church that I really want to work for, and that took most of the night. Most of it went well, with the exception of the last part of the night, where I felt like the questions were really hard. Sometimes I wonder if it is harder to get this job than to get into the CIA or something, since I have to go through so many rounds and talk to so many different people! I half expect them to start interviewing my friends and acquantainces of the past 10 years, like I had to do for Damon in college, just to make sure that I'm who I say I am.

On Tuesday, my dad drove over for lunch and to help pack up my brother's stuff, since he is moving up to Notre Dame this weekend for his first year of law school. We met Ben for lunch in Brownsburg and showed my dad our lot--which is still an empty lot, as our stupid realtor (who we absolutely cannot stand--anyone who lives in the Indy area, do NOT hire Dave Allen or the Allen Team through ReMax) neglected to turn in the paperwork which would allow the company to start building. So they will not be breaking ground until the end of this month, and we will obviously not be into our new house in September as they originally promised. Now I just hope we're in for Bryn's first birthday on November 3. But I digress.....

On Wednesday, Baby B and I spent all day long at the high school, training 100 upperclassmen for the freshman mentoring program. It was kind of ridiculous, in that Bryn decided to make really loud baby noises at the most inopportune moments. So then everyone would laugh, and their concentration would totally be broken, and the she would grin really big and make louder noises, etc. During the training, Ben called me and told me that someone bought his car!! I was also rather freaked out to hear that when the people met him to see his car, they were carrying $9000 cash to pay for it. My immediate reaction was, "Was this guy a drug dealer?" Ben said that no, he was about 75 years old and afraid of banks--which was a much more reassuring answer. When I eventually got home from my loooong day of mentor training, I barely had time to breathe before fielding a ridiculous phonecall from an irate mother that started screaming as soon as I answered the phone. The Readers' Digest version of her freak-out was that she wanted to "sue the school" if her freshman son was not given a male mentor instead of the female he had originally been assigned. This was mixed in with a lot of profanity and some of the fiercest insults I have ever been privy to. The kicker to all of this was that her son was not even registered to attend the orientation!! I must have said 30 times, "Ma'am, you have called me at my home number. I cannot handle this from home, but I will be happy to take care of it for you on Friday morning at the Kick-Off." This did not seem to appease her in any way. I was shaking by the time she hung up on me 20 minutes later, and shortly thereafter, I joined Bryn in some heartfelt wails. I just fail to understand--I have been working on this thing since March, and 2 days beforehand, some psycho calls me and yells about some incredibly tiny part, and it makes me feel like I am a huge failure. I HATE that one mean person can negate all those months of good work in my mind. Anyway, once the screaming was over, I hardly had time to wash my face and change my clothes before I had to pass Bryn off to Ben and drive to Carmel for my sixth (and final) interview with the church. This one went really well and I came out of it with a really good feeling. I won't know until next week if I got the job though. I drove home in Iris, while contemplating that my dinner leftovers in my take-home box on the front seat might constitute the first meat that had ever been in Iris, due to her ownership by my vegetarian friends. Melissa, I promise that any meat residue will be long gone by the time you get home from Nicaragua. At any rate, I got home totally ready to crash and ended up needing to wait up for another hour for Ben to get home from picking up friends from the airport with Bryn so that I could feed her and put her to bed. Eventually, I fell into bed exhausted.

Thursday held many hours of work at school on both Kick-Off and Student Council things. We had this huge deluge during that time, and the power went off at the school, which was a little creepy. I waited out the storm, since I had huge amounts of work to do anyway, but even though it wasn't raining anymore when I got home, our power was still flickering, 5 seconds on and 1 second off. It was extremely unsettling. I did get a nap (bless you, Ben, for providing this). Then I had to drive downtown to the Convention Center in rush hour traffic during the biggest convention of the year to pick up Ben and Bryn, who had spent the whole day at GenCon. For the un-indoctrinated and non-geeks out there, GenCon is a huge gamers convention, which Ben has a 4-day pass for, and my daughter spent all day there having people dressed as vampires and wookies exclaiming over how cute she is. After feeding Bryn, I fell into bed at about 8:00, and Ben took off to go rejoin the gamers.

This morning started at 5:00, when I got up to prepare for Freshman Kick-Off. The high school was absolute chaos, with 400 freshmen, 100 mentors, and various parents wandering around, all asking me questions because basically no other staff members were there. Did I mention that I don't actually work there anymore?!?! To top it all off, Ben had to bring Bryn up to the school so that I could lock myself in a bathroom stall to nurse her when she woke up in the morning. The rest of the day followed in much this vein, but it is now over and I seem to have escaped unscathed. Ben and Bryn just walked in from another day at GenCon, so I'm going to go join them for dinner. Then Brynie and I will go back to the high school for tonight's freshman/mentor dance (she's pretty cute on a dance floor!), and Ben will return to Gaming Central. Phew!!!

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Melissa said...

I am so sorry that you had to deal with a mean lady. And after all of that you had to go for your final interview with the church! It sounds like you need a vacation to a volcanic island inside a shark infested lake!