Thursday, August 24, 2006


Tonight Ben was cooking dinner and I was sitting with him in the kitchen (I am afraid to touch raw meat, so he does most of the cooking). After feeding Bryn some fruits and vegetables out of small expensive plastic containers, my primary function consisted of providing her with a steady stream of vegetable puffs. Tonight's flavor was the sweet potato puffs. She loves them and gobbles them down as fast as I can hand them to her and then hollers for more when she runs out. Bearing this in mind, our conversation ran as follows:

Bryn: ahlalalala (translation: More puffs, Mama!)
Amy (handing the baby more puffs): Do you think it's possible that there's some kind of addictive substance in these puffs?
Ben: Nah, I think she just really likes self-feeding.
Amy: Too bad she won't self-feed fruit. That would be a lot cheaper.
Ben: She liked that watermelon last week.
Amy: True. And she did like the tortillas and rice last weekend.
Ben (opening the refrigerator): We can't just keep giving her puffs. Let's see what else we've got. (pulls out a package of bologna) How about this?
Amy: Well, it's not like we're going to eat it....

So we sliced up the processed meat-food into tiny little cubes and put some down in front of the baby. She LOVED them, gobbling them down and hollering for more. At one point during a highly scientific test run by Ben, she actually selected a meat cube over her beloved vegetable puffs (although we think that may have been because it was on her right side). So apparently our baby is now a carnivore. Must come with the teeth.

On a far, far, far less positive note, for those of you who were holding your breath for me regarding the church job I was interviewing for, you may now exhale. I heard from them today, and I did not get the job. To say that I am "pretty disappointed" would be a vast understatement. Not to mention the fact that I rejected 3 other job offers in favor of waiting for this one, and I am now both unemployed and somewhat financially desperate. So if any of you know of career opportunities for an unmarketable former English teacher who does not want to put her daughter in daycare but still needs to pay the bills..... well, I'm all ears.


Caroline-in-the-city said... - they're based in z'ville and they love teachers and pay 18-21 an hour. it's all flexible (based on your schedule) so you could do all afternoons and evenings, or all weeekends. God WILL bring the perfect job along for you - He knows the longings of your heart, your every talent, and how much you don't want your bologna-eating sweetheart in daycare :) Keep faith! Love, C

Caroline-in-the-city said...

Ok, what do they give you guys if I not only click through an ad, but PURCHASE a product?! No, I am not a sucker :) Just wondered.

Melissa said...

I am so sorry to hear that 1) your daughter likes bologna -and- 2) the job did not work out. I was so confident that this job would be the one. I think they are always looking for English (as in the language, not so much the literature) teachers at the high school in Mérida. Probably not so much the solution to financial woes-- they probably pay in chickens or mangoes or something!