Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bryn-Bear Makes Friends

I'm always reading about "play dates" and how good they are for babies, but I must admit that Bryn is pretty much still mystified by other children. She loves adults, and she thinks that teenagers exist solely for her amusement, but babies are foreign creatures to her. This week, though, we gave Bryn-Bear multiple opportunities to make some friends. On Wednesday, we went to Babies 'R' Us and out to lunch with my friend Andrea and her baby Hannah. It was fun for the grownups, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of winter clothes that were out. Andrea says, "It's too baby babies don't just change sizes with the seasons, " and I have to agree. Hannah snoozed through the majority of the "date," although Bryn did appear to be somewhat interested in her. Later that same night, our neighbor Kelly came by with her daughter Maggy to tell us that that they, too, will be moving out of this neighborhood. That pretty much confirms our decision to get out of here, as they are the only other people around with a young child. The conclusion of Bryn's big play-week was this Friday, pictured above. That day, the Bryn-Bear and I babysat for the Lainey-Bug while her mom Caroline recovered from surgery. Bryn was pretty mad in this picture; she couldn't believe that I would have the audacity to lie her down on her back and then not allow her to roll over. Bryn was extremely interested in Elaina, but in much the same way that she is interested in Tela, which is to pull and occassionally chew on her extremities while trying to figure out what exactly she is. Elaina was extremely patient with this, but I still don't view that as effective playtime. Part of the problem is that all 3 of these girls are younger than Bryn (Maggy being the closest in age, 4 months to Bryn's 9), so none are very mobile yet. Bryn kind of views them as big stuffed animals. I wish I knew some people with kids Bryn's age. The age difference with these girls won't seem like much by 2 or 3 years from now, and will basically seem nonexistant by the time they get into school, but for right now, they're not really at the same stages (which I fear can be harmful to them, if Bryn continues to view smaller children as teething toys!). Anyway, it was a fun week of mom play dates for me, even if Bryn didn't seem to fully appreciate it.
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themadlibs said...

i've barely moved all day long - or yesterday from 5:30 - midnight...

actually, i sat at my computer engaged in a hilarious conversation with a soon to be classmate of mine.

awkward - maybe