Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who We Are and How We Got Here

Last night, we went to Champaign to drop our dog Dagny off at her "summer home" and went out to dinner with our friends Melissa, Chuck, and Crissy. While getting caught up, the conversation took a turn that sounded something like this:

Melissa: So I think I'm going to start a blog while I'm in Nicaragua to let everybody know how I'm doing.
Amy: You know, my friend Caroline just sent me a link to her blog. It looks pretty neat.
Crissy: Actually, I have a blog too.
Chuck: Me too.
Ben: Me too.
Amy (to Ben): You do??
Bryn (banging spoon on table): A la la la la!

So apparently everyone I know has a blog, and I've somehow managed to miss out on this craze. Which I guess isn't all that surprising, once you think about it, when you consider that I've spent the last 8 months in a haze of Bryn-induced sleeplessness and the 9 before that being sick and sleeping as much as possible.

In the car on the way home, after Bryn fell asleep, I quizzed Ben about this supposed blog, which I learned can be found at and is updated about once a year. After hearing the discussion by all my blogger friends at dinner, it seemed to me that this would be an excellent way to keep family and friends updated on the daily (and often insignificant) happenings of our lives, not to mention a great venue to show off pictures of our little cutie muffin Bryn.

So here we are..... As I discussed with my friends last night, I think the hardest thing about a blog, as with all writing projects, is coming up with a interesting beginning, instead of just, "So I decided to start a blog today." So I guess my intro will include a brief update/introduction on each of three of us.

AMY: Someone asked me the other day what my hobbies were, and I had a hard time answering that question, as raising a baby and working a minimum of 70 hours a week leaves little time for fun. But I left my job as the high school Activities Director at the end of the school year (largely due to the high amount of hours and low amount of pay), so suddenly I seem to have a surplus of time on my hands and far less social interaction than I was used to, which I guess are perfect reasons to start a blog. As for interests..... Reading is my favorite hobby, although my tastes are pretty lowbrow for a former English teacher. I love science fantasy, particularly anything by Terry Brooks or Raymond Feist, and anything involving knights and adventure. I also take guilty pleasure in rereading books from my childhood, which largely tend to be cheesy teen novels. I also have a penchant for cheesy teen movies, although my all-time favorite is, embarrassingly, "The Sound of Music." I like to knit, scrapbook, and bead, although I don't do any as often as I'd like (as evidenced by the large amount of "projects" I have piled up). I feel passionately about food, although I admit my tastes are rather lowbrow here as well. Current favorites include: cheese pizza, yellow cake batter flavored ice cream, Qdoba ground beef nachos, virtually anything but especially the mac and cheese from Noodles and Company, and Puccini's. I love country music, but ever since Bryn came along, my radio dial has been permantly set to the local Christian station. I love hanging out with and mentoring teenagers and desperately miss the daily interaction I had with them during my five years of working at the high school. I love to travel, and my favorite adventures were the 6 months that I spent studying abroad in Ireland and the 3 months that Ben and I spent doing a cross-country road trip all across the USA. My dream is to spend a month every summer at various locations in Europe. You won't find me vacationing in Florida though; I don't like hot weather, so the beach in Michigan in the summer is great for me (less than a week until vacation!). I love my daughter Bryn more than anything in the world, and I may be considered insane in some circles because more than anything else out of life, I want to have 11 more.

BEN: He insisted that he be a part of this blog, even though he has one of his own, so here's a list of his likes, from my perspective, at least.... Ben changes hobbies with regularity every 3-6 months. Past hobbies include golf, hackysack, frisbee golf, Playstation, bass guitar, podcasts, downloading concerts, Fight Club, and gardening. He does retain interest in all of these things now, but none are the current ruling passion of his life. The big interest right now is gaming. He started with a penchant for Magic: The Gathering, then moved to Battlestations, then into sculpting his own terrain. All of this has led to our new family business venture: Perilous Adventure Games, our very own game company which we are launching with our friend Bryce. Although Ben may not say so himself, I personally think that he also likes Excel spreadsheets, making messes, eating out, and cuddling our dogs. His favorite thing, though, is how Bryn's face lights up when he gets home after work.

BRYN: Spending the first seven months of her life as the unofficial assistant Performing Arts Center Director gave this child an insatiable taste for applause, most particularly when it is directed toward her. Spending so much time at the high school also led to her love of show choir.... singing and dancing at the same time, plus sparkly costumes, what's not to love? She also seems to get a kick out of watching our dogs fight.... She loves bananas, prunes, and apple juice; her mama's milk; keys, spoons, and other metal objects; all forms of TV but especially HBO Classical Baby; petting our dogs and cats; teenagers (who were clearly created for her own personal amusement); dancing; cell phones; and baby talk. Her most common nicknames are Cutie Muffin (because she's too little to be a Cutie Pie!) and the BEMP (from her initials), and according to Ben, she's my "BFF."

Our lives right now are largely in a state of transition. Ben started a new job in February, and I am currently trying to figure out what my new job/career will be. We're adjusting to life as parents, as well as life without pets, as all of our animals have gone to "summer homes." This is because we are selling our current house and building a new one over, but will shortly be moving to spend the interim in an apartment with a friend. So that's who we are and how we got here, and thus the beginning of our blog.


Melissa said...

I love the blog and as long as my internet connection holds out in the jungle, I will read it faithfully.

Now that I've realized EVERYBODY has a blog, I need to get a move on it and start my own!

Much love,

Crissy said...

As far as games go, have you ever checked out Settlers of Catan? Chuck and I play variations of this with our friends about once every 1-2 weeks or so.

SlyGly said...

I dug back to your original blog message out of curiousity. I learned a lot of things about you and Ben! Who knew that stuff happened between college ending and now?