Thursday, July 20, 2006

Portage, Part Two

Too many cute pictures of vacation, and not enough space to post them all! One of my favorites is of Bryn's first time on a swingset. We took her town to the beach so she could watch the boats, birds, and water, but all she was really interested in was the group of kids playing on the swingset. She continued to stare fixedly at it even after the kids left, so we decided to give it a try. She was a little uncertain at first but then decided that swinging was big fun! You can see the inn in the background behind her.

It seems that Bryn's actual favorite part of vacation is swimming in the pool. We think she views it as just a "big bathtub," one that is large enough for all her admirers to jump in as well. She loves her little raft, and of course looks very cute in her bikinis. She's pictured here with me and her Aunt Lindsay, while Ben, my dad, and Kristin played a vigorous game of Keep Away in the rest of the pool.

As far as Ben and I are concerned, the absolute best part of the pool is that swimming really seems to knock Bryn out. We take her swimming twice a day, and we have noticed that these trips to the pool are almost always immediately followed by nice long naps for Bryn. Last night, though, she was crying too much from her teething to be able to fall asleep, so we had a very fussy baby on our hands. We eventually gave up on naptime, and Ben applied some Baby Orajel to her gums before giving her a pre-dinner bath. Once the Orajel relief kicked in, she was so tired that she fell asleep in the approximately 10 steps from the bathroom to our room. She was so deeply asleep that she didn't even stir when our entire family crowded into the room to take pictures of her, asleep in her towel on the bed! We moved our dinner reservation to later and let her sleep. The only down side was that she had on no diaper, so we found some "dampness" on the bed when she finally woke up!!

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Melissa said...

The picture of Bryn swinging with Ben in the background is adorable!! It sounds like she is definitely enjoying her vacation.