Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our Little Snoggle-Demon

Ever since we got back from vacation, Bryn has been getting progressively sicker with a bad cold. Call it karma if you will, perhaps fate's revenge for her law-breaking ways, but in any case, she's miserable, which thereby makes me and Ben miserable as well. She can't sleep lying down because she's so stuffed up, so yesterday's prime feature was a 2-hour nap on my lap while I held very, very still. Ben gets up with her in the night and often ends up having to cuddle her to sleep in the big bed. This morning she was up at the crack of dawn and then fell asleep nursing, which again necessitated me sitting very, very still for a long period of time. Once she finally woke up, I thought a walk in the fresh air might help, but by the time we got into the stroller, she was screaming bloody murder and her eyes were all puffed up, due to what I believe was a repulsive mixture of snot and baby sunscreen. She is currently sitting next to me, chewing on and tearing apart our copy of "Sign With Your Baby," but as long as she's happy momentarily, I'm willing to sacrifice the $15 book. Meanwhile, I have not showered in well over 24 hours, which is enough to offend my overgrown need for cleanliness under any circumstances, but particularly when my entire body is covered in the snot that she has been wiping on me for the last day and a half. But she screams whenever I leave her side, so I guess we'll just both be dirty until she starts to feel healthy again. I'm thinking we may need to break out the big guns--that's right, I predict show choir videos in our future.


katie said...

amy! this is adorable.. i love it!

Melissa said...

I can handle not showering, but I'm not sure if I can handle that quantity of baby snot. Guess that is why I'm gonna be an "auntie" instead of a "momma" for the forseeable future!