Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Toys All Around

So I left Bryn alone for approximately two minutes while I went to the bathroom. When I returned, I discovered that she had managed to scoot to our one unpacked suitcase from vacation, remove a box full of disposable diaper bags, and empty the box. She was lying on the floor, happily playing with the approximiately 100 bags that were now surrounding her. Our course, the first thing that ran through my head was, "CHOKING HAZARD!" The second instinct was to run for the camera because she was just so darn cute. An interesting choice of toys, but the bags did seem to make her happier than anything else has ever since she came down with this cold.

Other news on the Meyaard-Pfanschmidt front: Life post-vacation thus far has included intensifying the job search for me, and last night I did an interview for a job I would really love to get. I won't say any more on that for now, for fear that I'll manage to curse myself with bad luck. Today we are spending almost the whole day at the CP Morgan New Home Showroom to make our final selections for our new house. Before we started this process, I had no idea how many choices went into something like this - I mean, it's just difficult to feel passionately about what kind of toilet paper dispenser I will have. That being said, there are many other choices that are a lot more fun than that, such as whether or not to get the gigantic Whirlpool tub in the master bathroom (a definite "yes"). See, Mom and Dad get new toys too--definitely more fun than the cutie muffin's plastic bags! I'm hoping that Brynie keeps the fussing to a minimum during this 4-hour appointment--a lot to ask from a snoggley baby!

Oh, and one other note on yesterday. Ben and I spent approximately 5 hours trying to handle some house transactions through our bank and discovered incompetance at 3 different local bank branches, as well as at their 800 number. This has led us to decide that as soon as the dust settles on this whole house process, we will definitely be changing banks. So for anyone seeking financial advice, I highly recommend avoiding the evils of Chase Bank!

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Melissa said...

Bryn looks positively angelic with the plastic baggies floating all around!

Sorry to hear of your bank woes. I used to be extremely anti-JP Morgan Chase because they were one of the biggest contributors to deforestation (that is, they financed big logging companies that cut down rainforests). But I hear they've changed their ways recently and have established some environmentally friendly policies. Too bad they complicated your home-buying experience today!