Thursday, July 27, 2006

Muffin's New Terrain

As I checked my email this morning, Brynie played contentedly on the floor next to me. At one point, she rolled onto her belly. So I figure, "Hey, great, tummy time. How developmentally appropriate." Okay, maybe that wasn't exactly what I thought, but close. So I continued to let her play. The Muffin isn't crawling yet (I fear that we've managed to stunt her development by cuddling her so much), but she is sort of scooting. The scooting motion takes her backwards. The other day, I got down on the floor with her to demonstrate how to crawl (this was quite an image), and after laughing at me, she scooted backwards about 3 feet. Anyway, I digress. So this morning, she again started scooting and babbling to herself, so I continued my email checkage, attempting to get caught up on everything that piled up while we were on vacation. Before I know it, Brynie is 3/4 of the way under the bed, with just her arms and face sticking out. My panic mode kicked in and informed me that I was a terrible mother and that if I had waited 2 minutes longer, I probably would have turned around and thought, "Where's my child?" while she was exploring the dusty regions under the bed. As things stood, however, she was having a grand time and was very proud of her accomplishments and was more than a little angry at me when I pulled her out of her newly conquered terrain. I'm thinking it is just a matter of days (or perhaps minutes) before we will have to contend with a very mobile Muffin.

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