Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Farewell to Cats

For those of you that have been following the saga of our pets, I think we have (almost) achieved a solution. Tela has gone to live with Ben's co-worker Ji. She tells us that Tela is continuing to turn white at a rapid rate, which makes me actually feel a little better about Tela's lifestyle as a whole, as I was afraid that she was only turning white based on the stress of living with a new baby. We dropped Dagny off with Chuck and Crissy on Monday, and Crissy tells me that Dagny is now getting along fairly well with their Oscar and Macy, so I feel good about that. This leaves the cats....

We posted fliers everywhere we could think of, proclaiming "Cats Free to a Good Home!" We got no responses. Then we sent Jag and Dashel to live with our friends Rob and Andrea, but their cat Lacey was less than happy with the arrangement, as evidenced by the deep wounds on Rob's legs. So eventually, given no other options, we paid $160 to put them in the "guaranteed placement program" at the Humane Society. It turns out that this program is somewhat mis-named, as our $160 only guaranteed that the Humane Society would keep them on the floor for 10 business days. At the conclusion of those days, Monday, they called and told us that our cats had not been placed, so we got the option of 1) giving them another $160 for another 10 days, 2) taking them back, or 3) allowing the Humane Society to do "the best they could" to place them before euthanizing them. We debated this for hours on Monday night and decided to cough up the $160 (again) and then appeal to some friends to try to place them (again).

The story ends happily, though. Ben waited until a half hour before the Humane Society closed on Tuesday to give them our money (he claims he was trying to squeeze a free day out of them; I think he may have just been procrastinating). When he called to discuss arrangements with them, they said, "Good news! Your cats have just been placed, both with the same new owner." So Jag and Dashel are now off to a new permanent home, and we are feeling extremely relieved. Bryn does appear a little worried though...... first Tela left, then the cats, then Dagny, so who does that leave as next??? :)

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Melissa said...

I am so happy that the Human Society came through in the 11th hour and found a safe, happy home for the cats. (On a side note, do you remember when Mrs. Wood used to say "11th hour" all the time?) I recall that the first time I met Jag, when she was a kitten, she hurled herself against the bathroom door, trying to get in while I was in there. I also recall when I stayed at your place right before your wedding, Dashel slept on my head; being as it was late June, it was very warm. I'm sure that Bryn knows she is the ultimate Cutie Muffin and that she's not going anywhere without mama and daddy. At least soon she will have Ravage to play with (and pick up!)

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