Friday, July 14, 2006

Brother and "Sister"

Bryn with "Aunt" Jill
Thursday was a busy day for Baby B! We spent the afternoon visiting with my "sister" Jill. Actually no relation, but she was my big sis in the music service sorority we were members of in college. We had lunch at my favorite Puccini's and then hung out at Jill's NEW apartment. While at lunch, Bryn ate an amazing amount of baby food, thus preventing me from eating until she was done. As usual, she especially gobbled the prunes (ew) and then gummed a zwieback (how do you pronounce that word??) cracker into a much before dropping most of it on the floor for the poor servers to pick up (double ew).

Bryn with Uncle Brian
Bryn and I then spent a full afternoon packing for vacation and ended the evening with my brother Brian coming over for dinner. We ate what can only be described as an excessive amount... brats on the grill, Velveeta shells and cheese, and some serious salads. Brian and Ben then retired to the driveway to discuss the sale of Ben's car, and I settled down to feed Bryn in front of an episode of "Buffy."

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